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Next Meeting
Tuesday, March 07, 2023 @ 1:30pm at the Morrow County Public Works Conference Room
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for meeting information please visit Morrow County Parks Committee Meeting by clicking HERE.

Morrow County Parks Committee Member
Public Position Openings

The Park User Group (Hiking/Biking) position will be open March 2023. Anyone interested in the position is welcome to complete the Committee Member Application form and return it to:
Morrow County Public Works Department
P.O. Box 428
365 West Highway 74
Lexington, Oregon 97839

Morrow County Parks Committee Announcement
Park User Group - Hiking/Biking Representative

Morrow County Parks Committee seeing an individual to represent the Park User Group – Hiking/Biking position that will be expiring March 2023. The new term will start March 2023 and go through March 2025. The Parks Committee meets a minimum of two times per year once in the spring and again in the fall. The Park User Group – Hiking/Biking representative shall be a Morrow County Resident, be familiar with tourism, economic development, operations, standards and financing needs of the Morrow County Parks Department. Committee members provide advisory recommendations only to the Morrow County Public Works Director and Morrow County Board of commissioners as to the management, marketing and improvements of Morrow County Parks. These recommendations shall follow all County policies and consider all budgetary needs. The Morrow County Public Works Department shall provide all parks committee applications to the Morrow County Parks Committee for review and recommendation of appointment to the Morrow County Board of Commissioners for approval and appointment to the committee. Requests for appointment shall complete the parks committee member application, sign, date and return committee application to the Morrow County Public Works Department. Committee members shall provide to Morrow County Public Works and the Morrow County Board of Commissioners ongoing assistance in setting policy, budgeting and prioritizing projects associated with Morrow County Parks Department. Please obtain and submit completed committee applications to: Morrow County Public Works, Attn: Parks Committee, P.O. Box 428, 365 West Highway 74, Lexington, Oregon 97839 or via email to

Morrow County Parks Committee
Member Application

Parks Committee Member
Application Form HERE