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COVID-19 Update




As Morrow County Parks continues to welcome visitors please understand that service levels, activities and amenities offered may not be what you are used to. There will be areas, buildings and amenities with in the parks that may be closed. Visitors should also expect new restrictions, guidelines that discourage long distance travel to destination locations, group gathers, congestion, and wait times.

Visitors are likely to have a different experience than what they are used to at Morrow County Parks.


¨ Stay home if you are sick; or an at-risk individual
¨ If you visit, stay local and close to home, avoid overnight trips and minimize travel outside your immediate area for

Recreation. It is advised not to travel outside of your home area, if you live in an area with a high or growing number
of reported COVID-19 cases to prevent asymptomatic COVID-19 positive individuals from inadvertently bringing the
virus into an area with fewer cases.

¨ Visit parks with household members rather than those in extended social circles.
¨ Bring supplies – own food and hygiene supplies

If an area appears crowded, leave and come back another time.

During stay at Morrow County Parks, please:

¨ Wear face covering. Homemade cloth mask is fine; when physical distancing cannot be maintained.
¨ Maintain physical distancing of 6 or more feet from people who are not from your household while camping.
¨ Maintain physical distancing of 6 or more feet while on park facilities and in groups of 10 or fewer people.

This includes open campsites, ponds and all forms of trails (motorized and non-motorized).

¨ Pack It In & Pack It Out – Pack out everything you bring in with you including trash/garbage.
¨ Reduce stress on local emergency response and health care systems and stick to low-risk activities.
¨ Cabins, vault restrooms, public gathering areas, buildings and other amenities such as playground's may be closed.
¨ Watch for signs at the park for more information.

All of the parks have areas or trails where you can get away from other people. However, there are also common areas where people congregate: restrooms, parking areas, trailheads, narrow bridge crossings, camp host office area, etc. These areas make it extremely hard to practice physical distancing. Then there are the likely huge numbers of people all wanting to enjoy the park and the great outdoors all at the same time; which would be a worst-case scenario for COVID-19 transmission. Please be sure to keep distance away from others and wear a face covering in places where there are more people. We expect people to keep a safe distance from one another of at least 6 feet. Should this not happen and become an issue, the parks may have to close again.

Morrow County Parks Department is committed providing the most up to date information to the public regarding the parks. If you have questions or concerns let us know by contacting the park's main office at 541-989-9500 or drop us an email at
covid Guidlines